To Be A Lady
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Anonymous: Can a girl be a lady even at high school? I have my manners and my mom taught me everything about being classy, elegant and polite. I do act like this and I love being a lady, but in last year people used to bully me and now, some of them kind of hate me. I talk to everyone, I love making friendships and help others, but even being nice with those people, they still don't like me. And some of them think I'm competting for, I don't know, being the best at something. I can't even speak at classes!

A girl can be a lady anytime she wants. However, you should be a lady for yourself and not because you hope for some sort of reward. Don’t be polite to make friends, be polite because you’re a human being. If someone responds to your kindness with rudeness and disrespect, they probably aren’t someone you’d want to keep in your company, anyway. Seems to me like they’re a waste of your time. If you haven’t done something to deserve any backlash, then these people are probably just a few bad eggs and aren’t worthy of your attention.