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Regarding your questions…

Because I don’t want to clutter my blog page, nor your dashboards for that matter, I won’t be responding to most messages directly. However, if there are any questions that I happen to receive, I will be more than happy to answer them than to leave them unattended, for which reason I have set up a FAQ link on my page.

Any questions I answer can be found there (and I’m usually quite good about receiving messages quickly, so it shouldn’t take very long for you to find a response). You may also find that your question has already been answered and posted on that page, as well. 

I adore reading all of the messages that are sent to me (I read every single one and take every piece of criticism into consideration), so don’t be shy about sending them. 

Thank you for all of the lovely compliments! You make my blog worth maintaining. 

To all of my lovely ladies,

I have made it a habit of reading the comments people make whenever they reblog one of my posts, and while some of them make me smile, others I find rather disconcerting. Namely, the overwhelming focus on boys.

Men are important. Of course they are - where would the human population be without them? But it’s upsetting to know how many girls tend to put their focus on boys above all other things. The advice I give is not about men, but people in general. Don’t stop acting stupid because boys will think it’s stupid, but because all people will think it’s stupid. Look your best not to get men to like you, but to get you to like you. You will always come first - those are words that every human, not just lady, should live by. Live your life for yourself, not to find a boyfriend or to collect suitors. Because in the end, your man may leave you, but your life will always be your own. 

I’ve always believed that the right man will love you as you are. That may sound silly and cliche, but are you not more likely to find happiness with someone who finds everything, even those little quirks, lovable, than someone who you have to tiptoe around forever? 

Be yourself and put yourself first. Everything else comes second.

To all of my lovely ladies,

I am genuinely astonished by the response this blog has received. I never anticipated this much positive feedback, and for that, I thank you all! 

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you all that I welcome all of your ideas! I am by no means an authority on matters of class, etiquette, or fashion, which is why I encourage anyone with ideas for future advice posts to submit them for consideration, as well as inspirational quotes from other fabulous women (or men, of course). 

So go, submit! I’d love to hear what you all have to say!

And remember: stay classy.